Limbco Products


Limbco specialises in products for patients with hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating.

The products include iontophoresis devices, clinical strength antiperspirants and clothing protectors.

Our tap water iontophoresis machines for hyperhidrosis are used in NHS hospitals throughout the UK and internationally for the treatment of sweaty hands, feet or underarms. The machines have been tried and tested for many years in hospitals as well as at home for personal use.

We supply the SweatStop® range of antiperspirants, available from our online store SweatHelp. Uniquely SweatStop® offer a range of products that vary in strength which means you can find a product to suit your individual needs. If you suffer from excessive sweating you should consider trying one of these products.

All our products are available under our SweatHelp brand, we also run the complementary website Hyperhidrosis UK which has information for patients and carers about the debilitating condition called Hyperhidrosis ( Excessive Sweating).

Sclerotherapy Products

Needles, venous catheters, syringes and connectors

We supply a range of sterile consumables for foam and microsclerotherapy. The products we stock have been selected because they work well with sclerosants, especially for foam sclerotherapy.

Microsclerotherapy needle sets

Allowing a different technique of sclerosant injection for microsclerotherapy with a fine 30 gauge needle attached to a short piece of tubing to which the syringe is attached at the other end. This reduces needle movement during injection. Since there is no hub near the needle, the angle of insertion is not restricted and can be nearly parallel to the skin surface when required. The fine bore translucent tubing allows visualisation of flashback. The connection of the syringe to the device is a Luer locked fitting for security.

Compression Pads and Cohesive Bandages

We produce compression pads in a range of lengths to facilitate eccentric compression following foam sclerotherapy.

We also supply cohesive short stretch bandage for compression and a waterproof cover to enable patients to shower whilst wearing their compression, a bandage or cast. The cover is made of heavy duty PVC and has a double sealing system at the top.