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Profit from our experience

Limbco can draw upon 50 years of experience manufacturing, marketing and distributing products in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

We are responsible for a range of products for hyperhidrosis under the SweatHelp brand name, which continue to be sold direct to consumers via the SweatHelp website, and we have established the well-respected hyperhidrosis advice website, Hyperhidrosis UK.

We also developed Fibrovein, an innovative sclerotherapy product. We still supply sclerotherapy products to medical services businesses, primarily private clinics and hospitals.

The infrastructure that supported these activities are now available to you, along with our team of medical and pharmaceutical specialists. Between them, they represent an unrivalled resource for new, growing and established businesses to tap into.

We forge long-term relationships with our clients and work as an extension of your own business. There are no ‘standard’ contracts; you’ll receive a service that’s completely tailored to your specific needs.

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